Black Seed Oil Sleep Benefits – Improve Sleep & Overcome Insomnia

Bismillah. Black Seed Oil. Sleep. Insomnia ?! You may be wondering how those two relate and where I came up with that conclusion. First, let’s understand that sleep in itself is important, and the quality of sleep is very crucial as well. Every human being needs sleep to function throughout the day, repair the body and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. You may not know until now that you can improve your sleep, and overcome insomnia if that is an issue in your life with black seed oil. I have benefited greatly from black seed oil, not just in regards to sleep but in other aspects of my health as well.

Overcoming Insomnia 

First and foremost, this advice is from my personal experience as a 25 year old male. Best thing to do first is to speak to your doctor regarding the issue. They may or may not know about black seed oil and sleep benefits. If they don’t, I’ll share with you how this potent oil helped me overcome this serious health problem. About 6 months back, just before the summer season, I realized that I was having problems falling asleep at night and getting quality sleep. I did seek professional help, but it did not resolve the issue the way I intended to, instead I started then oversleeping and this was not what I wanted. I was looking for an alternative through prophetic medicine and realized I had to take black seed oil. And so I bought it, and took about 1 tsp. every other day. As soon as I did this I noticed that I was falling asleep quicker and my immunity started to get stronger. Mind you, this ‘trial’ happened while I was in Pakistan, where those not local to the country usually fall sick as their bodies are not immune to all the toxins and the change in environment. I however during this time only got sick for 1 day, over a 34 day period. I also visited 5 different cities during time, so this ‘trial’ was put to the test even more with the additional travelling. I realized this oil is powerful, as a person in a different time zone, 9 hours different, frequent travelling, completely different air and environment of 300 million people, this oil stood its ground and benefited my sleep and countless other benefits. Of course Shifaa (healing) is all from Allah and we seek his help with everything.

Improving Sleep

If insomnia is not a problem for you, though your sleep quality could be better, meaning you may fall asleep but you for example get up 3 hours later, then take the oil as well. Again this is from my experience having sleep issues, and others experiences may differ, although many have benefited in similar ways that I have. I realized during that 6 months, and sometimes this happens these days as well although less frequently, that I would at times get up extremely tired. I use to wish the overwhelming slumber of sleep that overcame me at 8:00 a.m or 9:00 a.m hit 8 or 9 hours earlier at 11 p.m or 12 p.m. And so again I realized that I had to fix this to the best of my ability, I started to now add another potent ingredient to tackle this issue: honey. This I took before bed, among taking the advice of not using screens through a phone, laptop or desktop, I realized I started waking up more refreshed. I started to actually look forward to waking up early, when before though I wanted to implement this habit, I was struggling and my eyes hated waking up early and staying awake.

Additional Advice 

I would also like to add some useful advice regarding sleep. Recently I read a study that showed it is best to sleep and wake up at the same time each and everyday throughout the week. This is because our bodies set up a rhythm which makes it easier to fall and wake up at a specific time. Also you should track when you go to sleep and what time you wake up and notice your functionality throughout the day. You may find that your sleeping 56 hours per week, 8hrs/night, yet your sleep schedule is scattered with sleeping 4.5 hrs one night and 12 the next, followed by 6 hours. This has been happening to me, and since knowing about this I am making an effort to sleep and wake up at the same time each and everyday throughout the week. The study also showed those with 6hrs sleep over a week period showed decreased cognitive performance on tests, equatable to a person who had no sleep just the night before. That’s important to know for everyone as we all need our brains to be functioning at a high level, it could mean the difference of life and death!


Here I am providing links for those interested in purchasing the above mentioned products that I use. Again you can buy these from many stores, but I don’t know where you live and the price you would pay. These prices are reasonable for me. $9 (CAD) for 200ml of Black Seed Oil. As for honey, you can get this at most grocery stores. The links are there for those who may not be able to purchase Black Seed Oil or the Herbal tea in their locality from a store, so here are some online links.

Assalamu Alaykum, Jazak Allah Khair for reading the article and may Allah grant all Muslims Shiffaa.





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